Remarks received on the National Pavilion of Yemen, English

December 14, 2016, text below by Nabil Almakaleh, Sana’a, Yemen:

“Dear friends , such an amazing work and truthful efforts can only come from loving, caring, and honest hearts. Yemen deserves such hearts and friendship and we will always keep you in our hearts.
Thank you so much.


December 14, 2016, text below by Abdulhakim Alsayaghi, Social Fund for Development- Cultural Heritage Unit, Sana’a, Yemen:

“Dear Italian friends. You’ve done an incredible job for Yemen. we’re really proud of you. and “Thanks for everyone participate, contribute, and support. Thanks for the Dutch and all members of the team of Beautiful Yemen”.


August 2016, text below by Mariella:

” I hope one day to enjoy the jewel that is Yemen when political strife is overthrown by communal hope. Supporting with al my hope”.


August 2016, for a remark in German, follow this link


August 2016, for various remarks follow this link.


August 2016, text below by Anwar Abu Monassar:

“Yemen is not only beauty and a birthplace of humankind. Yemen is not only tradition and a unique environment. Yemen IS passion, emotions and the lord of fantasy. Its people, its mountains, its desert and its coastline spread energy. Yemen is us and we are Yemen. It will never fall as Yemen is a stone of our civilisation. With Pride and love”.


July 2016, anonymous:

“May peace come to Yemen. And you don’t need an expensive pavilion to tell a moving and important story. The best and the most moving pavilion I’ve seen”.


July 2016, anonymous:

“Yemen my love”.


July 2016, text below by Eleonar:

“An act of preservation. An act of resistance! Love to Yemen and Yemeni ppl”.


July 2016, text below by Pam De Largg:

“Praying for an end of the terrible war in Yemen and that Yemeni people can live in peace soon. Yemen is a beautiful country, truly a global treasure of architecture and culture. My heart is with you”.


July 2016, text below by Helen VR:

“A beautiful + moving account of a country so rich in history. May a peaceful solution be found with no further destruction to lives + these beautiful cities”.


July 2016, anonymous:

“The simple the artistic architecture I love it! The best !!! I from Bresil !!!! Thank for all. Thank you Yemen. Beautiful place Beautiful city Beautiful culture I love Yemen”.


July 2016, for a remark in Spanish from Veronica, follow this link.


July 2016, text below by Kelly, USA:

“I hope to see peace one day in Yemen – such a beautiful and rich country with an incredible history”.


July 2016, text below by Vasudhar, India:

“Its pity that countries like this become victim of something they didn’t participate (ugly capitalism), jeopardizing rich history & heritage of humanity. May peace come soon”.


July 12, 2016, text below by Abdulhakim Alsayaghi, Social Fund for Development- Cultural Heritage Unit, Sana’a, Yemen

“Dear Renzo and all his team, we really thank you very much for your tremendous efforts and support to Yemen, my country, we highly appreciate what you are doing for that in the Yemen pavilion in Venice”.


June 2016, text below by a Moroccan living in the world :

“Pretty work! I ‘m so glad that Yemen is present this year at the Biennale, I hope that the next time it will be bigger and more important! I love the zen attitude of this space and I appreciate the subject!”.


June 2016, text below by Laura C, Spain:

“Amazing…….. so different then the views I ‘am used to……..It would be a real pleasure to visit Yemen once…… Never thought about it before. It looks like fiction. Great peace!”.


June 2016, for a remark in German, follow this link.


June 2016, text below by a Japanese visitor:

“Save the most beautiful traditional buildings in the world!!”.


June 2016, text below by a Nawal, Bahrain:

“Very touching and informative stand. Peace on Yemen al Jameel”.


June 17, 2016 text below by Carson Chan,

“Moreover, Yemen’s modest presentation was a statement on the importance of its cultural presence amidst US-backed Saudi Arabian-led invasions in its ongoing civil war. Called, ‘Tribute to the Identity and Culture of the Yemeni People through Their Architecture,’ the displays ultimately mattered less than the symbolism of the exhibition’s presence. To experience the Yemeni show, to encounter it in Venice, was more powerful than the texts and photos it presented”.


June 8, 2016, text below by Scarlett,

“Yemen you should keep fighting for one important matter that is your heritage. Not only for your people but for the world that is eager to know more about you. I hope more peaceful times are coming for the people”.


May 29, 2016, text below by Sara Lardinois, The Getty Conservation Institute:

“Beautiful Yemen! I am so happy to see your pavilion here at la Biennale, promoting your unrivaled heritage and the ustas who build and conserve it.  I was lucky enough to work on a conservation project in Tarim. I had the pleasure of meeting many mud masons and lime plasters. It was one of the most memorable projects of my life. I hope to return one day again. Until then, I wish you all a more peaceful future”.


May 27, 2016, text below by Farid Tabarki:

“It was such a pleasant surprise to see Yemen being represented at the biennale by your small but beautiful pavilion. It reminded me of my visits to Sana’a and Shibam. Cities and people I’ll never forget! Thank you so much for sharing Yemen, it’s people, it’s splendid architecture and it’s current struggles with the biennale visitors”.


May 26, 2016, anonymous:

“The message is important”.


May 25, 2016, text below by Michael Heenan (CEO, Principal, Design) Allen Jack+Cottier Architects:

 “For thousands of years the quality of the craftsmanship and the skill of the artisans of Yemen have produced remarkably beautiful and extremely important works. This valuable work is not easily accessible  by many people. As the worlds architects and designers artists and artisans descend on Venice they should not miss the modest, unassuming  yet poetic demonstration of this art on display in the aptly named Arsenale in Venice. It is heartening to see  this important heritage work being acknowledged and proudly displayed at the Venice Architecture Biennale”.