Our team

The idea to represent Yemen at the International Architecture Exhibition started as a citizens ′ initiative and Lidwien Scheepers is the driving force behind it. However, only through joint efforts of the following three Yemeni persons the cooperation with the Ministry of Culture was obtained and subsequently the letter from the President of the Biennale inviting Yemen as a national participant:

  • Lidwien Scheepers, cultural anthropologist, The Netherlands.
  • Dr. Moosa Elayah, Specialization in International Development Administration CIDIN Radboud University, The Netherlands.
  • Dr. Bilqis Ahmed Abu Osba’, Professor of Political Science, Sana’a University and Head of Awam Foundation for Culture and Development, Yemen.
  • Mr. Ahmed Al-Ameiry, Accountant and translator, The Netherlands.

Besides Monique Scheepers and Kees Lafeber, Dutch entrepeneur, are closely thinking along with the initiator.


Before but especially after the appointment of Architect Renzo Ravagnan as the curator of the Yemen pavilion, close cooperation exists between the Beautiful Yemen team and the team of the Istituto Veneto per i Beni Culturali.

Supporters and partners