Financial statement

Beautiful Yemen project as per 3-10-2016

Please read the letter on the financial statement drafted by La Segreteria Istituto Veneto per I Beni Culturali.

Period 24-11-2015 till 29-9-2016

Date Donor Amount in Euros
7-2-2016 The Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands to the Republic of Yemen 10.000,–
14-11-2015 to 29-9-2016 Various private persons  2.670,80
24-11-2015 ZakeninZicht      664,29


Budget item Activities Budget Spent Variation
Travel costs to Venice of the coordinator BYT[1] (3 trips)     554,76
Hotel, food Venice of the coordinator BYT  (3 trips)     956,38
Office costs coordinator BYT     716,25
Hospitality fee for the location of the Yemen Pavilion in the Arsenale, Venice. 10.000,00
Travel costs to Venice (1 trip) & in the Netherlands, member BYT     450,00
Telecommunication to Yemen and in the Netherlands member BYT     440,00
Hotel, food etc. in Venice of a member BYT (1 trip)     200,00
Website     664,29
Transfer to the IVBC[2] of the total amount of the donations received from various private persons. This to cover part of the costs made by the IVBC.  2.670,80
Production/installation of the National Pavilion of Yemen.  7.295,90
Total amount 23.948,38

Balance:                                                                                                            € 10.613,29

The amount spent which is not covered to date is paid by the IVBC: €7.295,90; L.M. Scheepers: € 2.227,39: and Dr. Moosa Elayah: € 1.090,–

Please note:

  • The following bill and expenditure are still expected: the bill of the graphic designer, the pocket money for the pavilion assistants, costs for the dismantling of the exhibition and some miscellaneous costs related to the last trip of the coordinator BYT to Venice at the end of the Biennale in November 2016.
  • In addition to the expenditure mentioned in above table all the work has been done on a voluntary basis and the hours of the IVBC spent before and during the exhibition are borne by the IVBC.

[1] BYT = Beautiful Yemen Team

[2] IVBC= Istituto Veneto Per I Beni Culturali